Toril 2011

The Gathering

Each upon their own path, attending to their own wanderings found themselves within the city of Suzail.

Strangers of pale skin followed by one of short stature met with one gifted with flight.

The Githyanki are under constant scrutiny from their entry to Suzail.
A confrontation is narrowly averted by cool headed thought on the Gith’s behalf, when a woman
looses her composure due to unwarranted fear.

The Whisper Gnome finds the Gith presence prime opportunity for a bit of monetary acquisition.

Normally, the sight of an Avariel would be an extraordinary event for local news, again an over
shadowed event due to Gith presence.

With the Ranger already under the employ of the caravan, and the arrival of the Weave Mage, all the “strangers” have been brought together for their eventual meeting of one another on a more
personal level.

The caravan moves out, continuing toward Berdusk with the hope of being in time to save the
way point from the ravages of the Reaching Woods monstrous threat.

Mostly quiet travel, interrupted with a night time encroachment of camp by a very young black dragon, creates an opportunity for some party members to be introduced with others.

As the caravan approaches Berdusk, smoke is seen wafting from remnants of buildings.
Most of the town has been razed by a few attacks over several days. Leaders determine that
evacuation is more prudent than reinforcement. Scornubel is chosen for it’s proximity and
fact that the primary resistance forces against the Reaching Woods threat is located there.

With the party loosely formed and discussed, the adventure begins.


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